Cyphers and Crystal Palace Clubs

Friday 22nd December 2017 9:49am | General

As there appears to be ill informed rumours circulating within the county relating to the situation regarding the Cyphers and Crystal Palace clubs we would like to clarify the position, such as it is, at the time of writing.

The Management of both clubs have held a series of promising and encouraging meetings over the last year or so exploring the possibility of joining forces and effectively seeking a merger of the two clubs which we firmly believe would secure the long term future for the combined membership.

The current preferred model for the new club would involve the sale of the Crystal Palace site to facilitate a brand new 4-rink club being located on the Cypher’s site.

However the planning process for this option is still in its early stages and, given the programme projections currently under review, is unlikely to come to fruition in season 2018/19.

As there are many processes to go through before a definitive position is known any further comment at this stage is, at best, speculative.

You will appreciate that our first responsibility must be to our respective memberships who will naturally be updated as soon as there is specific news to pass on and we will obviously ensure that this is in good time for members to make their individual plans for next season.

The KCIBA will also be updated at such time as there is a material change to the position outlined above.

But until such time it is definitely business as usual at both clubs. 

On behalf of Cyphers and Crystal Palace IBC

19th December 2017


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