County Presentation Evening will be held at Upchurch River Valley Golf Course - 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start.

Sat 01/10/20162:00pmEIBA @ Mote Park IBC8 FoursSelection
Sun 02/10/20162:00pmAshford IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 08/10/20162:00pmSussex (Surrey Cup) @ Adur IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 15/10/20169:45amLiberty Trial @ Mote Park IBC4 Fours
Sun 16/10/20169:45amOver 60s Trial @ Mote Park IBC4 Fours
Mon 17/10/201612:00pmDenny Cup 1st Round & Denny Plate Prelims Fours
Wed 19/10/20162:00pmBetteshanger IBC4 FoursSelection
Tue 25/10/201612:00pmOver 60s Inter Cty. 1st Round - Ashford/Essex City FoursSelection
Wed 26/10/20162:30pmMiddlesex CIBA @ Glebelands IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 29/10/201612:00pmDudley Hoile 1st Round Fours
Sun 30/10/201610:00amUnder 25s @ Ashford IBC6 FoursSelection
Sun 30/10/20169:00amHCIBA Semis & Finals (Diciplines) @ Prince Arthur IBC Fours
Sat 05/11/20161:00amDenny Cup 2nd Round & Plate 1st Round Fours
Tue 08/11/20162:30pmEastern CIBA @ White Oak. Anniversary Game6 FoursSelection
Sat 12/11/201612:00pmDudley Hoile 2nd Round Fours
Sun 13/11/20162:00pmKCIBA v HCIBA @ Prince Aurther. Anniversary Game6 FoursSelection
Wed 16/11/20162:00pmSwale IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 19/11/201612:00pmDenny Cup 3rd Round - Plate 2nd Round Fours
Tue 22/11/201612:00pmOver 60s Inter Cty. 2nd Round FoursSelection
Wed 23/11/20162:00pmSurrey CIBA @ Ashford IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 26/11/201612:00pmLiberty Trophy 1st Round v Surrey CIBA FoursSelection
Sun 27/11/20162:00pmThanet IBC8 FoursSelection
Wed 30/11/20162:30pmSevenoaks IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 03/12/201612:00pmDudley Hoile 3rd Round Fours
Sun 04/12/20169:45amHCL v Hampshire @ Mote Park IBC6 Fours
Sun 04/12/20162:30pmBromley IBC6 FoursSelection
Wed 07/12/20162:30pmOyster IBC8 FoursSelection
Sat 10/12/201612:00pmDenny Cup 4th Round - Plate 3rd Round Fours
Sun 11/12/201612:00pmEgham Trophy 4th Round Fours
Sat 17/12/201612:00pmLiberty Trophy 2nd Round FoursSelection
Sun 18/12/20162:00pmMote Park IBC8 FoursSelection
Tue 20/12/20162:00pmRoyal T/Wells IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 07/01/201712:00pmDenny Cup 5th Round / Plate 4th Round Fours
Sat 14/01/201712:00pmLiberty Trophy Quarter Finals FoursSelection
Sun 15/01/201712:00pmEgham Trophy Quarter Finals Fours
Tue 17/01/20172:30pmBerkshire CIBA @ Prince Arthur Road IBC6 FoursSelection
Wed 18/01/20172:00pmFolkestone IBC7 FoursSelection
Sat 21/01/20172:30pmPrince Arthur Road IBC6 FoursSelection
Sun 22/01/20172:00pmEssex CIBA @ Essex County IBC FoursSelection
Tue 24/01/20172:00pmOver 60s 3rd Round FoursSelection
Thu 26/01/201712:00pmCounty TOUR until Monday 30th inc. Fours
Thu 09/02/20172:30pmHertfordshire (Surrey Cup) @ Darford S/L IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 11/02/201712:00pmDudley Hoile 4th Round Fours
Sun 12/02/20172:00pmAngel IBC6 FoursSelection
Sun 12/02/20179:45amHCL vs Surrey6 FoursSelection
Fri 17/02/20171:00pmKCLIBA @ Mote Park IBC8 FoursSelection
Sun 19/02/20172:00pmSussex @ Royal T/Wells IBC (Surrey Cup)6 FoursSelection
Tue 21/02/201712:00pmOver 60s Inter Cty. Semi-Final FoursSelection
Wed 22/02/20172:30pmDartford Stone Lodge IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 25/02/20172:30pmCrystal Palace IBC6 FoursSelection
Sun 26/02/20179:45amHCL vs Hampshire6 FoursSelection
Wed 01/03/20171:30pmCyphers IBC4 FoursSelection
Sat 04/03/20172:00pmWhite Oak IBC8 FoursSelection
Sun 05/03/201712:00pmEgham Trophy Semi-Final Fours
Sun 05/03/20179:45amHCL v Sussex CIBA @ Wealden IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 11/03/201712:00pmDenny Plate Semi-Final Fours
Sun 12/03/20172:00pmEssex CIBA @ White Oak IBC (Surrey Cup)6 FoursSelection
Wed 15/03/20172:00pmKCIBA vs President HCIBA FoursSelection
Fri 17/03/20171:00pmKCLIBA @ Mote Park IBC8 Fours
Sun 19/03/20172:00pmPresident v V. President @ Folkestone IBC7 FoursSelection
Thu 23/03/20172:00pmHampshire CIBA (Surrey Cup) @ Bromley IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 25/03/201712:00pmDudley Hoile Semi and Final @ Swale IBC Fours
Sun 26/03/201712:00pmHCL vs Middlesex @ Donyings IBC6 FoursSelection
Tue 28/03/201712:00pmOver 60s Inter-County Final FoursSelection
Fri 31/03/20171:30pmEssex County Tourists @ Swale IBC6 FoursSelection
Sun 02/04/201710:00amUnder 25s @ Swale IBC6 FoursSelection
Wed 05/04/20172:00pmSurrey CIBA @ Donyngs IBC8 FoursSelection
Sat 08/04/20172:15pmDeangate IBC6 FoursSelection
Sun 09/04/201712:00pmDenny Plate Final Fours
Wed 12/04/20172:00pmKent League Teams @ Folkestone IBC7 FoursSelection
Sat 15/04/201712:00pmLiberty Trophy Final @ Melton & Dist. Easter Fours
Wed 19/04/20171:00pmKCBA @ Mote Park IBC6 FoursSelection
Sat 22/04/201712:00pmDenny Cup Semi and Final Fours
Sun 23/04/20179:30amCounty Finals Day @ Swale IBC Fours
Wed 05/07/20172:00pmKCBA @ Sandwich BC6 FoursSelection